Sunday, March 28, 2010

You might not be "hip" if…

the barista at Starbucks rolls their eyes when told your drink order.

a friend describes the artists on your iPod as “a bunch of nobodies”.

the TV show you have watched for the longest time is on HGTV.

you almost sent a nasty email to HGTV when they moved your favorite TV show.

you can discuss literary theory, symbolism and hidden meaning as it relates to Batman.

you try to discuss popular music with your nephews, but you keep saying “Who?”

you will not watch “Smallville” because you consider it “to revisionist.”

you are looking for a good macaroni & cheese recipe that does not come out of a blue box.

you have talked about a great movie you watched on TV. When asked what channel it was on, you say “Lifetime” proudly.

you have turned off a hard rock station because the music sounded “angry.”

Saturday, March 20, 2010