Thursday, March 26, 2009

Undue Credit

I've been getting credit at work lately for my writing skills. I'm responsible for taking notes during certain meetings and summarizing them. The summation is distributed to all employees so an "open dialogue," for lack of better term can exist between management and the employed masses. The thing is that my name is on the newsletter, but it is not my writing. The final write up has to be given to management for approval. They changed it, completely reworking a couple of paragraphs. In my eyes, I think what I wrote survived in maybe fifty percent of the final draft.

So, is it still my work? I've asked this to a couple of people. The resulting consensus was to take credit, to say "Thanks" and walk on. I've done that. I've even dodged a couple follow up questions about stuff that was changed. "How did you know that?" Answering truthfully, that I didn't and management changed the notes for their benefit would undermine what the employee relations committee was about.

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