Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hard Write

I tried doing a post a couple of days ago about a conversation I had in the office. I wrote about whom I talked to without revealing any names but the other person was still identifiable, if you knew me. After a hour of writing and editing, I reread everything to make sure everything sounded intelligent and the words flowed smoothly. When done, my one thought was "I can't post this." 

The post turned into something incredibly personal. I had opened myself up a little too much and put something about myself out there that made me uncomfortable. I started editing. I tried to turn the post into a little bit of media criticism, but that sounded forced. I edited again. I changed it to a piece about how my iPod might have hindered conversations since I listen to it while working out. Unfortunately, this wasn't working either. I kept trying to end the piece on a joke, but everything sounded forced to me. Humor should happen naturally and not be forced and I was desperately trying to shoe horn a joke into four or five paragraphs.

So I am back to where I started. I want to talk about something, as long as I don't get overly personal. I want the world to see my writing, but not see me. If this is going to work, I'll have to put everything out there and be ready for what happens when that happens.

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