Saturday, May 16, 2009

Man Up, Man Child!

I’ve decided to organize the collection. I have been collecting comic books since I was ten and after thirty some years, I have absolutely no idea what I have or how many.  Besides, it will give me a project, which is something I need. The time I have spent on the couch watching television has increased dramatically while the things that need to be done have been sitting, waiting to be finished. After a couple of weeks into it, I have concluded that I have a lot of useless crap.

Comic Books. Action figures. Trade paperbacks. Graphic novels. Unopened boxes of trading cards. That doesn’t include the childhood playthings; toys acquired as an adult and stuffed items that litter the place. Instead of progressing towards adulthood, I’ve had a white-knuckle death rip on my childhood. While my friends deal with marital problems, child custody issues and other familial issues, I can discuss the overall worthiness of a Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 rifle. Not that it ever comes up…but I’m ready…just in case.

With my overabundance of worthless items, I have decided to get rid of things. I am advertising them on eBay instead of my usual route of dropping things off at the local Goodwill store in the middle of the night.  Selling them will give me a little extra cash and prove to everyone that laughed at me that a collector’s market in action figures does exist. Besides, I don’t think the poor and thrifty would be interested in unopened boxes of trading cards.

I’ve had some luck. I sold a box of James Bond GoldenEye trading cards to someone in Texas. A box of Skybox DC Comics Master Series cards went to a person in New Jersey. They got something they wanted and I received cash for it, which is capitalism in action. God Bless America! The only thing left to do is getting rid of the sadness that goes along with selling the stuff. My family is a bunch of clean freaks, so the de-cluttering of my life would be looked upon as a good thing. But why does an Aquaman action figure still safely secure in original packaging make me happy? And the thought of letting go mean so much? 

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