Saturday, June 6, 2009

Creative Slump

I haven’t been doing any writing lately. It seems that I have been jumping from one thing to another, trying to stay afloat. It isn’t like anything has been an emergency either, but I have been dragged under by the minutiae that makes up life. After a while, something gets pushed to the side and unfortunately, this has been it.

Work has been busy. It seemed like there was someone at my desk with a problem for the better part of the last two weeks. Everything was an emergency. It seemed like their lack of planning had suddenly become my emergency. I am a firm believer in helping where I can, but after a while I felt like a janitor, cleaning up after them.

My brother recently purchased a new truck. Good for him, I think he deserves a new vehicle. Unfortunately, he bought a used diesel heavy duty pick up that he found on the Internet at a dealership in a near by state. We live in an area that has several Chrysler dealerships closing because of the trouble in the auto industry. He could have found a great deal on a new vehicle with a little digging. Instead, he dropped a lot of money on a used pick-up with over 100,000 miles. No amount of talking would make him listen to reason. I always thought my brother was level headed, but he could be a little off kilter now.

Personally, I have been in the middle of what could be my mid life crisis. My have lost all interest in my job. I have thought about buying a motorcycle and getting some sort of tattoo. I even thought about going back to school. Not for a Master’s degree, that would be too logical. I have been thinking about checking a local art school that offers classes in graphic design. I used to work in that field, but never had any official training. Going back to school has been looking like a possible path lately. 

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